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          来源:http://www.jxie-ads.com 日期:2020-03-28 发布人:admin
            With the use of our container house in various cities, we have a lot of knowledge and understanding about it. The scope of its use is also relatively extensive. What is the internal structure of the container house? Let's get to know!
            1、集装箱房内部为全装饰,就像咱们一般看到的一般工作室房间相同。 内置灯管2个,插座(3个其间一个为空调专用插座)均已预装好,只需用工作箱自带的外部衔接线与外接总电源衔接即可悉数安全运用。 内部彻底装饰,外接电,可内置空调、电、照明、桌椅,当即可运用。
            1. The interior of the container room is fully decorated, just like the general studio room we see. Two built-in lamps and sockets (one of them is special socket for air conditioning) have been pre installed. All of them can be safely used only by connecting the external connecting line of the working box with the external main power supply. The interior is completely decorated with external power. It can be equipped with air conditioning, electricity, lighting, tables and chairs. It can be used.
            2、集装箱工作房对场所没有特殊要求 如不需求组合运用地址不需求地基处置,即使是泥地也能够放置集装箱房,箱体运到现场放下通上外接电就可当即运用,没有任何现场装置布电需求。
            2. There is no special requirement for the place in the container work room. If there is no need for the combined use of the address, there is no need for foundation treatment. Even the mud ground can be placed in the container room. When the box is transported to the site, it can be used immediately after being put down and connected with external power. There is no need for power distribution of any on-site devices.
            3、集装箱房可随时疾速搬移 只需一个叉车就可近距离全体搬移,只需一个平板拖车和叉车就能够超远距离全体搬移。
            3. The container room can be moved quickly at any time. Only one forklift is needed to move all the containers in a short distance. Only one flat trailer and forklift are needed to move all the containers in a long distance.
            4、商品运用寿命至少在15年以上,能够重复运用搬移不需求拆装,无资料损耗 一个项目按2年计算做完后,可当即全体或有些搬迁到别的一个新的项目,这样至少能够做7个项目,而不要重复别的建造,这样要比重复采办建立其他暂时住宅设备还节省。
            4. The service life of the commodity shall be at least 15 years, and it can be reused, moved and moved without disassembly and assembly. After a project without data loss is calculated as 2 years, all or some of them can be moved to another new project immediately. In this way, at least 7 projects can be done instead of other construction, which is more economical and efficient than repeated purchase and establishment of other temporary residential equipment.
            5、咱们的集装箱房本省描绘即是从户外住宅工作思考描绘 隔热、防风、防震、防潮、防水、防漏电、环保、安全方面都有必定的描绘思考在咱们的工作箱中,在北方俄罗斯等冰冷劲风区域也都有客户运用咱们的集装箱房屋房。
            5. The description of our container house in this province is from the outdoor residential work. There are certain descriptions in the aspects of heat insulation, wind protection, earthquake prevention, moisture-proof, waterproof, leakage prevention, environmental protection and safety. In our work box, there are also customers using our container house in the cold and strong wind areas such as northern Russia.
            The above is the analysis on the internal structure of Jinan residential container rental and sales department. For more details, please consult our website at http://www.jxie-ads.com/.

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